Whooboy! This is going to be a long hiatus, apparently, and a selective one. Let's see...

I won't be logging on in this account FOR A LONG TIME, for a bunch of reasons. I'm still in Tumblr, but I'm not gonna be in this account (or the fandom) for a while. Depends. Probably for a short one, probably for a long time, we'll see. If I were going to be in here, only sporadically when I have an instant jolt of inspiration for Yummi. I love her lots, but I need to take a break from this fandom. If you want to know why, give me a holler and I'll send ya the link (or, if you are following me over there, you might have read about it). I can still roleplay, maybe ocassionally, but not as much.

Er.... anyway, my Hiatus is unannounced, dunno if people would even read this or not. I love you guys, I love this account, but I think it's about high time for me to take a break from this and let the better roleplayers take care from there. I'm still in the K fandom, but not as avid as I used to be. I had my good run here, but with the stuff going on with this fandom, it's hard trying to keep a positive facade such and such.

Also, if you really want to find me (I could still roleplay with K roleplayers, but not with another K (OC) character, of course), I will be in my Persona 3 account. That, or hover on those links up there for my other active accounts. I might follow some, I might not, but you are free to follow my little book-nerd (trust me, you'll love her as much as you'll love Yummi.... or more) and I will follow you without question (depends, I'm trying to be a bit selective with the followers for dash issues).

So, yeah. Appreciated if you read this, it's alright if you don't, not expecting too much. What I WILL still keep up is the Movie. Gonna wait on it. Gosh darn it.

So... yeah, that's it. I had my run, but it's time to take a small break, kick back and poke around other fandoms. If I were to come back, though, maybe in a new character and I'll do it unannounced. And, again, I'll probably post things here sporadically to keep this alive, still love Yummi lots!

Hey, who knows! I might bring this gal back to her feet, but on a new account! We'll see.

Seeya when I seeya